Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lee James Turnock's Fat A**e -And I'm Not Being Personal!

Lee James Turnock
The Comix Company
32 pages (saddle stitched)

Colour cover/ B&W interior
Sized to 5 ½” x 7 ¼”  (A5/Digest)

UK Prices and ordering: http://thecomixcompany.ecrater.com/p/21025334/fat-arse-lee-james-turnock?keywords=Fat+Arse

Britain's least known Underground cartoonist returns with this seasonal medley of yoks, bitter satire, and tits!!! In addition to his own fantastic comix, Lee welcomes writers Philip Neill and Rob Filth into the fold for some nasty laffs business! Never mind the bollocks, Lee James Turnock's got a FAT ARSE!!!

Well, we do not have a mainstream comics industry in the UK so it's no surprise that we do not have an Underground Comix industry!

And for those who think "Underground Comix" is just a term covering filthy schoolboy humour...well, it isn't but I'm losing my arguement if we're talking Mr Turnock's work -to a degree.

I do know that it m,ay not be everyone's "cup of tea"  but comic books cover all genres.  Live with it. There are some quite funny if "smutty" strips in this book and a few "pin up" pages.  Lots of nice stipling and cross-hatching and you can see that, back when we did have a comics industry, Turnock would probably have earned a good living -the styles are ones that could be used outside Underground Comix quite easily -and often were.

But the art immediately shouts out "LJT" and I'm glad his work is getting printed even if he has to find a publisher outside the UK.

Worth a few quid -oh: don't forget he also has a blog where you can see his artwork at: http://leejamesturnock.blogspot.co.uk/

Support UK talent! 

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