Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lee James Turnock -Okay Comic


MY GOODNESS!! Lee James Turnock - the UK's Least Known Underground Cartoonist - returns with his latest entry into the world of ribald yoks & scathing, autobiographical humour!! ADULTS ONLY, children - despite the stunning, Roy Wilson-inspired cover!

- 4 bucks
- 32 pages (saddle stitched)
- Colour cover/ B&W interior
- Sized to 5 ½” x 8” -A5-(perfect for stickin’ under your arm when you sneak off to your infidel meetings!)

I will guarantee you that at this very moment (or whenever) someone out there -and they know who they are- is going to read "Lee James Turnock" and teeth will be ground, veins will pop and all sorts of nastyness will be uttered....and that's before they get to me!

You see, we had a few Underground Comix in the 1960s-1980s and now, forgive me if I'm wrong and if you can correct me (but I know no one ever does), we have only Mr Turnock's offerings -via Canada ffs!  Seriously.

I do hope that the admirer of bountiful women gets some positive feedback (or money) from his work because 99% of things I've read on the internet are from talentless, often trying to be anonymous, little whiners who are obviously very jealous.

I can't show pages because CBO is family and overseas sensitive, but you can see samples of pages here..

Ooh, and while you are there -buy a copy!

It is strictly adults.  Starting out with Goddess Lucy -A Weighty Problem and George Groper on the same page ought to get the jealous ones fuming and angry (but they must be buying to criticise, surely?) but there is also Got Milk? The latter probably not best to look at while pouring milk on your cereal. I liked Weird Ball -a style and take off of those old British weekly comics where some kid found something great and had adventures with...not quite like this, though.

Whattock Hunt and If I Ruled The World are all good fun.  Good Underground Comix strips liable to offend most readers which makes it a good thing.  No rebooting so that every woman is now Hollywood Slim here.

I like the art style and the printing really brings to inks out.  So, if you have an Underground Comix leaning then buy this. Support British talent and also be happy knowing the lurking whiners will be hurt every copy you buy!

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