Sunday, 25 June 2017

We Make Zines Announcement

 by Edweird

Hello Zine Lovers!

As many of you know, last year we received notice that the financial side of maintaining a site on Ning simply is no longer doable. Since then, a small team of zine enthusiasts from the site has been working on a new cosy home for We Make Zines.

The wait for our new space is nearly over!

We are looking to make the final, complete move on July 1st with a few things from the ‘old’ space but plenty of room to create a whole new space. (Yay start of International Zine Month!)

You will only receive one more email about this, and that will be the email letting you know that we’ve fully transferred over and that it’s time to sign up at the new space! We’ll get into the logistics of the new place and all related details in that email.

If you have any favourite blog posts, threads, or anything else on the site that you want to keep, now is the time to save them! We have transferred a few things, a few topics, but we’re not stashing away everything. If you love it, save it!

The WMZ Team

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